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Artificial intelligence, a future tool for detection efficiency!

Artificial intelligence is now a reality in many cutting-edge fields: medicine, aeronautics, automotive, etc. It is a tremendous promise for the future to improve efficiency.

Some people fear the idea that robots, like human beings, can "think" and have senses identical to those of humans.

The notion of AI was born in the 1950s thanks to the mathematician Alan Turing. He had created a machine capable of having sensible answers to questions from a human being. It is impossible to tell the difference between a machine and a human being.

Today, many companies are trying to improve everyone's life through AI.

BASSET JONES has decided to revolutionise detection with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The autonomous terrestrial UAV allows detection to be carried out alone, the enthusiast divides his time between searching and finding. By combining autonomous vehicle technology and Artificial Intelligence, tomorrow's detectorist invests his time digging up finds rather than searching, sometimes in vain.

Thanks to very complex algorithms and artificial neurons, the Jones basset hound is able to avoid an obstacle, to detect metals in the ground on his own and is capable of being autonomous for more than 12 hours!

Artificial intelligence at the service of detection is Basset Jones' bet!

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