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Metal detecting in the beach !

There is only one passion: Metal detecting. But there can be several fields to detect.

Today we are going to talk about metal detection on the beach.

The beach cleaning

The detection of metals on the beach is not done in order to plunder. Many prospectors often seek to secure and clean the beach.

Indeed, beach cleaning is very complicated to achieve for many municipalities without damaging the biodiversity that exists.

The autonomous robot Basset Jones was designed to detect on the beaches in order to clean up under the sand what is often forgotten and without deteriorating the biodiversity. The main interest of Basset Jones is the selection of objects to be collected.

The lost objects

There are now many tourists who forget their objects on French beaches. It can be a cell phone, jewelry or sunglasses. Every year, there are many tourists who ask the municipalities for these objects without success.

Basset Jones with its partnership with site wants to create a new platform of research of lost objects which would become thereafter a reference for all the people who will have lost their objects.

The autonomous robot and its application are innovations that will allow all lovers of detection on the beach to enjoy tools that will allow him to detect with even more fun!

If you want to detect with simplicity and efficiency then pre-order the autonomous detection robot!

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