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New application for metal detection in preparation...

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

There are many existing applications on the market for metal detection. Often difficult to use or inaccessible on IOS. It is complicated today to have a true complete application.

Basset Jones is committed to providing a complete solution.

The innovative start-up Basset Jones has decided to develop an application for its autonomous detection robot. However, prospectors have been waiting for a long time for an application capable of geo-locating their finds and offering a unique experience!

It was therefore necessary to offer an application for the users of the autonomous robot but also more widely for all prospectors wishing to keep their metal detector fetish.

A unique and ergonomic application

The development of the application is in progress. The objective of this tool will be primarily to be able to geo-locate and list each find on his phone. Accessibility will be for everyone, IOS or Android users.

In addition, new features may be developed to the delight of many detectives... but this remains a secret...

Disruption at the heart of recreational detection

Basset Jones' goal is to make metal detecting accessible to everyone and thus to maintain and increase the number of enthusiasts.

Many new features will emerge in this new application!

Here are some of the available features:

- Possibility to geolocalize yourself and thus geolocalize the discovery of your own finds

- Creation of a search history

- Setting up a showcase of all your finds by adding their characteristics

- Possibility to meet other detectors near you and to chat with them!

- Still many other features to discover...

See you soon to discover this new tool for all the detectors of the world!

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