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On the tracks of the golden owl... 37 years later...

The detection of leisure is the love of history, of nature but also of discovery. It is obvious that an unsolved enigma is difficult for lovers of leisure detection.

The myth of the golden owl was born thanks to the unfailing determination of lovers of metal detection.

Today the golden owl has still not been found after 37 years of searching. The treasure hunt started in 1993 and the inventor of this treasure hunt promised at the time that it would last between 8 and 14 months.

The aim of the game was to solve eleven riddles that were listed in a 40-page book that sold 70,000 copies and is now out of stock.

The owl is a sculpture made by Michel Becker with a wingspan of 50 centimeters and is said to weigh about 10 Kilograms.

It is still possible to find this magnificent owl today.

It's up to you! The Basset Jones, the most faithful of the land-based autonomous drones, will certainly be able to help you on the trail of the golden owl!

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