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What's new in metal detection !

Metal detecting is a passion that brings together some 70,000 enthusiasts in France. Every year, 15,000 metal detectors are sold.

The evolution of metal detection is timid. However, Basset Jones has already been involved in the disruption of metal detection for a year and a half.

An innovative metal detection application

Many metal detectorists wish to use a powerful tool to accompany them during their metal detecting trips. Basset Jones, attentive to the needs of metal detecting enthusiasts, has decided to develop an innovative and unique tool.

To list its detection routes and geolocate its finds

With the Basset Jones application it will now be possible to create detection routes directly on the application with the number of objects found during this trip but also the number of km traveled.

Of course, it will also be possible to geolocate each find in a precise manner in order to know where the finds were made.

Moreover, Basset Jones preserves the anonymity of its users, an anonymity that is so important and necessary!

Geolocate the archaeological areas near you

The Basset Jones application has a wide variety of features such as the ability to geolocate archaeological areas near your home and thus prevent detection in forbidden places.

Find enthusiasts near you and share your passion

The great new and never seen before feature is the search for a detection pair. Indeed, you will be able to detect directly with the application the enthusiasts who are close to you. Thus, you will be able to make new friendly meetings, obtain new authorizations or even detect with several people!

The metal detector integrated in the application

With the help of the app's built-in metal detector you can also detect finds and use it as a pointer up to 3 cm into the ground!

The autonomous detection robot

Basset Jones is not only creating a new detection application! Still in development, the autonomous detection robot will be released soon.

You will be able to connect your robot in bluetooth and thus to recover all the data of detection that you can enter manually today.

This robot of 5kg offers a new detection allowing you to supplement your current and manual detection.

You will be able to always detect with your handheld metal detector but also to operate the Basset Jones autonomous robot next to it and check on your application the places that are interesting to detect for you!

To download the Basset Jones metal detector application

To pre-order the Basset Jones autonomous metal detector robot

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